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Chestnut Hill Counseling for Individuals & Groups in Pennsylvania

Revive Wellness Therapy - Chestnut Hill Counseling

The counselors at Revive Wellness Therapy take a holistic approach to helping you restore your emotional health. Since therapy and treatment comes in so many different forms in the Chestnut Hill PA area, our counseling center's philosophy is rooted in individualized treatment. The goal our of counseling services is to help you better understand the power you have to reach your goals and claim your authentic self. At our facility, individual counseling is where a client and clinician can explore thoughts, feelings, behaviors and trauma in a confidential setting.

In addition to individual therapy, our counseling center also offers a variety of group counseling sessions to the residents of Chestnut Hill PA. In particular, we offer a group therapy intended to help participants explore the underlying issues for their eating disorder as well as assist with the development of strategies for coping. We also cover how to apply these new strategies to "real life" beyond the walls of the counseling center. Typically, our clinicians offer additional assistance through family counseling and couples counseling with the goal of improving communication and resolving conflict between relationships.

Chestnut Hill Counseling for Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety and sadness at one point or another. However, anxiety disorder and depression are characterized by feelings so overwhelming that it interferes with an individual's ability to function. At Revive Wellness Therapy, we invite anyone in the Chestnut Hill PA area experiencing the signs and symptoms of either anxiety or depression to contact our counseling center today to learn what treatments our therapists can provide for you.

At Revive Wellness Therapy, our counselors offer specialized treatment for a number of specific anxiety disorders. For instance, many individuals in the Chestnut Hill PA area have probably heard of the term "social anxiety." But did you know that agoraphobia, the fear of places or situations that cause you to feel trapped or helpless, and hypochondria, the anxiety that one has an unwanted illness, are two conditions that also fall under anxiety treatment? Contact our therapists today to learn more about the anxiety counseling and depression counseling services provided.

Chestnut Hill Counseling for Women's Health

One of the broader areas of treatment offered at Revive Wellness Therapy is women's health. We believe that any woman in Chestnut Hill PA and the surrounding area should seek expert level counseling when they are most vulnerable. At Revive Wellness Therapy, our counselors understand that new and expecting mothers may experience difficulty adjusting to the demands of parenthood. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy cause many women to have difficulties coping with emotions. In order to ease your burden, prenatal and postpartum therapy is offered at our counseling center near Chestnut Hill PA.

Experiencing the unexpected loss of a pregnancy can adversely impact a woman's mental health. The professional counselors at Revive Wellness Therapy believe that anyone in the Chestnut Hill PA area experiencing such hardships deserves counseling that provides genuine understanding, warmth, validation and compassion. Our expert therapists will provide individualized treatment to meet your needs. Counseling services at Revive Wellness Therapy are more than just about feeling better, we help you reclaim your authentic self.

Our Chestnut Hill Counseling Services Include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Eating Disorder Counseling
  • Anxiety Counseling & Depression Counseling
  • Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Grief Counseling
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling

For individuals in Pennsylvania seeking Chestnut Hill counseling services or a Chestnut Hill counseling center in Chestnut Hill PA 19118, call (215) 688-1514 or send Revive Wellness Therapy a message today.

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