Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Revive Wellness Therapy - Conshohocken Counseling

Individuals who suffer from OCD have recurrent and intrusive thoughts that cause intense feelings of distress. In an effort to reduce this distress, we develop ritualized patterns of behavior or thinking patterns that work in giving us some short-term relief. Soon, the obsessive and compulsive pattern becomes a debilitating cycle, affecting your ability to function at work, in relationships, as well as feeling out of control of your thoughts and behaviors.

OCD may attach to some areas of your life and not others. Common obsessions include fears of contamination, losing control, unwanted sexual thoughts, harm, perfectionism, religious obsessions, or health related obsessions. Additionally, some common compulsions can include washing and cleaning, checking (to see if nothing bad happened or checking to make sure no one is mad at you), repeating a behavior, mental compulsions (mental review of events that could cause harm, replacing a “bad” word with a “good” word to cancel it out, re-reading a word or paragraph, etc.).

In treating OCD, we utilize a structured, supportive, and evidence-based treatment called Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy. In treatment, you will work with your therapist to identify your ritual patterns, explore your core fears, and develop helpful practices to reduce OCD behaviors both in and outside of session. Our goal is to provide you with tools to better cope with your symptoms quickly while also maintaining progress long term.